About Open Media Scholarship

Open Media Scholarship is a nonprofit site, established in 2017, dedicated to promoting open access (OA) in media, communication, and film scholarship and teaching. The site features OA journals, books, and resources, along with searches for OA articles and datasets. The rationale for Open Media Scholarship is that media scholars, for a variety of reasons, should be at the forefront of the OA movement. That argument is elaborated in “Open Media Scholarship: The Case for Open Access in Media Studies” (2016) by Jeff Pooley (Muhlenberg College), who created and maintains this site.

There are three ways to stay updated about new content: Twitter, RSS, or a monthly newsletter.

All OMS data is free to download and reuse, under a CC by-nc 4.0 open access license. Dowload (as csv files) the most up-to-date journal, book, publisher, and resource data.

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